So that was winter

Pretty easy. We spent much of it exploring the gorgeous reefs, waterfalls and rock art in the sun-drenched Kimberley. There were some fantastic people on our 10-day tours up the coast from Broome, not least the bunch of twitchers who managed to clock around 100 different species of birds as we sailed into quiet bays, explored mangroves and swam at waterholes. Those guys are super patient – and they got some spectacular photographs to prove it.

Envious? Get in touch and book a berth for next year!

The crew and I had a cracker of a trip back to Freo. We saw whales, dolphins, dugongs and sea snakes, and broke a few records in the stiff breezes, cracking nine knots most of the way. We made it back in seven and a half days – you might say we were champing at the bit to get back to Fremantle for the sailing season ahead.

So Starsand is now installed back in her Freo dock, ready to go again. Now’s a great time to charter the yacht for a party, a work do, a Christmas bash or just a nice day out. She’s about to get a spruce-up!