Lei me down

“Put on a grass skirt!”

One person from a company has booked Starsand for their Christmas party, on the condition that everyone – skipper and crew included – dress in full-blown Hawaiian gear. We’ve always said it’s a very casual dress code on Starsand, so a few garish shirts and a few bright feathers won’t be out of place.

I’ll take this colourful crowd out to Carnac Island for a bit of a snorkel and some ski tube action after our gourmet lunch. I’m hopeful the outfits won’t scare off the sea lions. Especially mine – I’m really getting into the spirit of it and I’m having something very special made out of feathers. Maybe I’ll make it my regular outfit for the summer…

Meanwhile, it’s getting pretty crowded on the Christmas party booking sheet, so if you’ve been thinking about a Starsand Christmas bash, get in touch soon so you don’t miss out.