I’ve buried the treasure

I do this occasionally, and not just because it nurtures my inner pirate. It’s for the Treasure Hunt I’ve got planned for a corporate team building outing on Starsand.

A bunch of pen pushers have chartered the yacht for a bit of team bonding and morale pumping. They’re going to spend some time on the ropes, learn their aft from their starboard and find their way from A to B at speed with help from a GPS.

If I can keep them away from the bar for long enough, I’ll test their powers of retention by giving them a bunch of nautical clues to see if they can dig up the glittering chest of gold (okay, it’s more likely to be a scratchy).

Pssst. It’s somewhere on the yacht. There’s no need to get wet here. Although we could always go for a quick spin in the dinghy.